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Arborists practice arboriculture which is a tree specific component of horticulture. Because arborists understand the physiology of trees, they work with the type of tree and its form and growth patterns in order to ensure that the tree is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.
Services Provided

Arborists can perform the following services:

Tree pruning – this may be necessary to preserve the health of the tree, to remove potential hazards, or even just to make the tree more attractive. Pruning is often done to remove overhanging branches from around gutters, roofs and power lines, to let in more light, to reduce the possibility of storm damage, and to stop vermin from gaining access to the roof space.

Tree removal – there are several reasons why it may be necessary to remove a tree. These include a tree that is the wrong position, needing to clear trees for construction, dead or dying trees, trees that are a safety hazard and so forth.

Tree surgery – tree surgery may include branch bracing for added strength, tree injections to provide a nutrient boost to stressed trees, and possum guards to prevent possums from entering the tree and feeding off the leaves.

Dead wooding – removing dead limbs from a tree in order to improve safety and to eliminate entry points for disease.

Thinning – thinning a tree means that extra light is let through the tree and also that there is less wind resistance, making the tree safer, especially in storm or high wind situations

Root management – by pruning roots or installing root barriers, paths and driveways are protected from root systems that may otherwise cause damage.

Transplanting trees – trees can be relocated to more suitable positions within the property or advanced trees can be brought to the property and planted as needed.

Stump removal – tree stumps can be removed and turned into usable mulch. Mulch aids in water retention and weed prevention. Alternatively, stumps can be removed from the property.
Arborist Reports and Consulting Services

Qualified arborists are able to provide reports and consulting services for councils, individuals and companies. The scope of these reports includes:
• data collection
• tree assessment and diagnosis
• tree preservation strategies
• pest management
• soil management
• root zone management
• tree surveys
• development assessments
• hazard assessment and management
• providing SULE (safe useful life expectancy) ratings
• mseo ukoring tree performance and tree protection throughout the construction period
• tree valuations
• reporting on specific issues related to the tree/s
• structural rectification recommendations.

Arborist reports contain full scientific explanations of all the issues that affect the trees on any given property and also make recommendations as to how best to manage and protect the existing trees.
Hiring an Arborist

As well as the services above, arborists are also able to prepare tree surveys, work with the local council, prepare arborist’s reports, mseo ukor tree performance during construction, and assess the safe life expectancy of a tree, amongst other things.

When hiring any arborist, you should make sure that they are fully insured for worker’s compensation and public liability. Also ensure that that they are qualified and that they are prepared to give you a quote on the project that you are having carried out before actually commencing work.

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