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Free quotations and advice throughout the north east

Whether you are a large woodland owner or have a small tree in a small garden, Arbforce Tree Surgeons. Can be of service to you. Healthy and safe trees enhance the quality of the environment and home.

We are a very active business, working throughout the North East and have built an enviable reputation for skilled detailed attention to all aspects of tree care, conservation and cultivation.

We are proud to say that over 50% of our business is by client recommendation and we are contractors to Local Authorities and private Companies. We have a large portfolio of satisfied repeat customers who rely upon us for their tree management needs.

Tree Consultants

We are able to offer a complete Arboricultural Consultancy Service to our clients:

• Tree Inspections
• Advice on Subsidence
• Tree Surveys
• Mortgage Reports
• Expert Witness
• Legal Disputes
• Construction Site Inspections &    Protection
• Tree Maintenance Schedules
• Tree Planting & Landscape Schemes

Tree Surveying

Arbforce recommends that, as a protection against possible consequential damage and loss, all trees should be surveyed annually.

Tree owners are advised to look carefully at their trees for signs of fungal activity at the base and root system (particularly noticeable in the autumn) and for dead and diseased branches and cavities in the stem and crown.

Call in an expert Arboriculturist if any problems are found. The investment in a professional opinion can conserve your trees and avoid costly consequences.

Site visits and surveying can be carried out to clients' requirements, from an individual tree to whole estate schemes. Aerial inspections, digital photography and our vast experience of tree physiology and disease can provide you with all the help you need for the better management of your trees.

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